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I love food, especially eating it! My interest in natural health & complementary medicine came about following a period of ill health in my early 20’s. I was away from home at University, with a diet & lifestyle that was unhealthy, eating mostly processed food, drinking too much alcohol and not exercising. This was coupled with the stress of an illness within the family. An undiagnosed virus was the tipping point for me resulting in periods of chronic fatigue and anxiety over a few years. I was prescribed a concoction of pharmaceutical medicines which did not improve my health, so I began a quest to find alternative methods to conventional medicine and return to better health. 

More recently, I studied with the College of Naturopathic Medicine for 3 years in Nutritional Therapy. Inspired and amazed (driving my friends and family to insanity in the process!) how our bodies, if given the right tools, have the ability to repair and recover from ailments and chronic disease. 

Passionate to help others in seeking better health, this led me to set up my own business in clinical practice. I continue with my own personal research in learning & development through reading scientific journals, articles, books, attending educational talks and courses – the eternal student! I am a member of the highly reputable British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) as a Registered Nutritionist and regulated by The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CHNC).  

I live to eat but when it comes to cooking, I am certainly no chef and at times find it a chore. My diet is not 100% clean, an impossibility (and unrealistic) in today’s world. Living with a young family whose tastes and demands differ - for me simplicity is key. I eat a varied, non-restrictive diet, with the aim of it being mostly unprocessed, organic & responsibly sourced but this can be timely and costly. Treats and days off from cooking are good for the soul and we shouldn’t feel guilty for those indulgences.

Through studies and clinical observations, the human body is amazing! When our bodies are nurtured and given the correct tools to work effectively, “food is medicine” and alongside lifestyle changes, we have the ability to heal ourselves!

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